Being Authentic In A World Of Filters

As social media inundates much of our personal and professional lives, it’s easy to get lost in the illusion that everything is as picture perfect as you see on your screen.

None of us is perfect… regardless of what people put out their on their social media sites.

In this interview, I discuss how seeing through the filtered lens of Instagram and Facebook can take a heavy toll on our mind, body and spirit. I also share tips on being our authentic self in the social media frenzy. Join me here as I discuss this further.

Would you be willing to mess things up and not be perfect? What if you can be more of you when you are willing to mess things up?


And also, what if what other people think is none of your business?

If you never had to prove anything, then how present could you be with you… and all that you desire?

I wonder what is true for you here, and how much that can change the world? What vulnerability can you be to find out what is true for you?


P.S. Please go here to find the full interview with Washington ABC7 News On Your Side.