Being in the Question & Body Whispering Book Club
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Welcome To The Body Whispering Book Club with the amazing Emily Russell and ME!

Is now the time to listen to your body in a completely new way?

Join us as we discuss this further in this third installment of the Body Whispering Book Club…


The catalyst for change is all about movement, momentum and flow – and what better way to keep momentum going than to ask questions, and BE the question?

When you step away from searching for answers, cures, and solutions, people and their bodies can change and heal from a much more open place.

A question allows us to get to the heart, or the crux, of any situation in a flash. Questions break down walls, let light and space in — they let chaos in — and they allow us to see what’s keeping us stuck. Asking questions creates more space, more freedom, and more joy. It’s how we create more of a healing change and it’s what marks us – YOU – out as a body whisperer.

Your fellow body whisperer,


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