Being Uniquely You & Going Beyond Image
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Have you ever defined yourself by an image, or based on categories or job titles and responsibilities?

No need to hide… we’ve ALL done it.
In fact, how often do we make those definitions significant to find value in who we are?

Ready for my next daring and possibly revealing question?
Have you ever attempted to fit definitions and expectations of others?
No need to blush, there’s no judgment here!

I spent years of my life choosing that.
In fact, many of us are so interested in being liked, that we have no limits on what we would do to achieve that.
Including being someone that we are not.
And then we wonder why our lives may not be as fulfilling as we thought they could be….

But, here’s the cool thing!
You actually have a choice in this.
You can either be another sheep in the herd, or you can be the neon sheep that leads the rest of the herd.

Enjoy this interview on Liquid Lunch with the always interesting Johnny Tobacco as we discuss going beyond your image, and the gift that choosing to be you can be.

As Johnny Tobacco says: “If you ain’t you, you ain’t nobody.”

I’m so grateful for every person who is willing to have this conversation and look at what else is truly possible with how we BE and are in the world.

What can you choose today?

P.S. You are also invited to join me, the Being You Crew, and a whole series of guests to celebrate International Being You Day. It is our gift to you as a way of inviting you to experience you!

Go here to find out why we created it, when it started and how to participate! And if you see it, after the fact, there will be a full day replay! Yes!