Being You On Being You Day
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I may not have met you personally yet, but you are one of the coolest and bravest people in the world!

Yes, you! Thank you for being you… Glory, glitter, warts and everything in between.

You being you in the world makes it a far greater and more beautiful place!

We (Me, the mouse in my pocket, and an entire group of misfits like you) would love to celebrate your brilliance and our collective brilliance.

We want to invite people to know the gift of BEING THEM.

So we created a day to celebrate the misfits, the square pegs in the round holes, the dreamers who dare to choose and create from a different space than anybody else has the courage to. A day for you!

Join me for the first five minutes to get a taste of the day!

It’s called: BEING YOU DAY!

This day is about promoting the gift of being that each of us can choose. Again and again.

This is our target for the Being You Day:

1) To empower people to know that their dreams (and knowing) of what is possible are way more valuable than fitting in.

2) To invite people to embrace their unique capacities and get away from comparison and judgment as deciding factors for choice and happiness.

3) To inspire people to use lightness, joy, and laughter as their guide to who they can choose to be, instead of all the should and should-nots of our age, race, cultures, and families.

Can you imagine what a world of people truly being them would be like? I can. And that is why I am inviting YOU to be part of this very special day.

Be well. Have fun. And no matter what, KEEP BEING YOU.

The world so requires it.

Grateful for you being you,


P.S. You can watch the rest of the 7 1/2 hour livestream of the First Annual International Being You Day here.

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