Boosting The Tools Up!
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Most of you know the ‘Who Does This Belong To?’ tool, right?

(If not, please go here. It is an amazing tool that everyone should have available!)

Now, sometimes when you use this amazing tool, does the CRAP STILL HANG AROUND?

Yes? Arghhh!!?!!?!??!

Well, I’d like to give you a booster; a ‘Who Does This Belong To’ tool booster.

Come along to Vancouver, Canada for an installment of the Tour of Consciousness.

So to summarize: If the crap doesn’t go away, ask:

What is the capacity do I have here that I haven’t yet acknowledged?

And consider if possibly, maybe you could have a capacity to melt the solidity in other people’s universes…

Just saying!


P.S. For further exploring of the Access Consciousness tools right now…

What now? Six videos about the tools I use every single day:

Who Does This Belong To? A whole playlist about the first tool I would give an alien can be found here.