Change & Being Uncomfortable?

Would you be willing to travel the world with me?

This is a greeting from Venice, Italy!

One of those wondrous, magical places on this beautiful planet of ours… And one of the places that may soon disappear if we don’t step up and start being the change that is required.

Would you be willing to? Even if it sometimes isn’t comfortable?

It is strangely easy…

When you choose to be you, you change the world!

Join me for this adventure as I discuss change and the uncomfortable elements that come up with it…

Would you like to join me on the Tour of Consciousness? What I’ll do is send you a video or audio clip every couple of weeks from my travels. Hopefully it will make you smile, perhaps let another possibility sneak into your life… and sometimes even rock your whole world! What else is possible when you get more Access-tools to play with?!

If you get a yes on this, please sign up here.

Thanks for you! What if this is just the beginning?!

Warm regards from the suitcase,
Dr. Dain Heer

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