Change I'm Asking For?
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What if everything that is occurring right now is a gift? What if this is actually the change we’ve been asking for showing up in a totally different way than we thought possible?

What if what has the chance to be created right now is a different, greater world, without ANY of the old reference points?

The way I see it, we are all living in a brand new world, still under construction. 🙂

So what if we could stop making change wrong? And what if we could stop making ourselves wrong in the process?

Come along to the ranch, and let me tell you some more!

Now, allow me to reiterate!

* If I know not this, what else is possible?
* What else is possible that I never considered before?
* What is right about this that I am not getting?
* What is right about me that I am not getting?
* If I had no reflexive reactions, what could I choose?

Welcome to your new world!  Now what?

And what can you choose now? 😉


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