Change Your Life With Simple Self-Awareness Techniques

Is it possible to change the world?

I believe that it is.

What if the planet DOES have a future?  What if a revolution is happening on the planet?…the revolution of human consciousness. And what if it’s NOT what you think it is? Join me as I discuss this further on this fun MindValley talk.  I’m so grateful I was asked to do this! 🙂

Because what consciousness actually looks like is simple… It’s where everything and everyone exists as they are, and nothing or no one is judged for being themselves.

Ever dreamed of a world where humans really had each other’s backs? A place where scrutiny was no more, a place where we forgive ourselves and each other, warts and all? What if THAT is possible?

Judging ourselves doesn’t create a consciousness revolution.

Asking “What else is possible?” does.

Being who you really are does too.

So what if you truly being you is the change the world is waiting for?


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