Changing Upsets In Your Life

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Have you had an upset recently? Over the holidays? Maybe even yesterday? Or 5 minutes ago?

Well…I have a tool for you that can, if you let it, change any upset that comes up!


If yes, come along to Houston and play with me. (You will also get to see my awesome Christmas tree and a shining suit of armor. You don’t want to miss that!) And this Tour of Consciousness is actually from last year, but still so relevant now! These tools really can be used at any time.  Join me as I discuss tools for the holidays…

Did you watch it?

So, with that tool in your pocket: What is your new ask now? And what is your new ask for 2022?

What else is possible?

P.S. For additional tools and further exploring right now…

Six videos about the tools I use every single day:

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