Choosing to change, choosing not to change? By Dr. Dain Heer
Author   Category Being You

One of the Big Things…..
we all do is stop ourselves from changing so we
don’t lose our connection to other people

It is one of the greatest limitations that we have imposed on ourselves.

Just be aware of that.

What you might realize is that by choosing to change,
you are going to be an invitation for the people that desire change.

Even if it changes your connection with them.
Notice I am saying change. It will be different.
It may or may not mean you lose them.

The people that don’t desire change will often just leave,
or make you wrong and separate from you.

The people that truly desire change will not make it your fault.
They will go: “Wow what are you doing?
You are so different. Can I have some of that?”

Oh, and you might ponder this:
Who would you rather play with, and who would
you rather put your time, energy, and attention on?

Those that are resistant to you changing—
or those that are inspired by you changing?

From my new book — Being You, Changing the World