What is Energy? by Dr. Dain Heer from Access Consciousness
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What is Energy?

Have you ever given someone a hug and just felt like
you could stand there forever . . . melting . . . falling into
the person you are hugging . . . ?

And, by contrast, have you ever given someone a hug
where it felt like hugging a rock on legs?

Are those two experiences different? Then you know
what I mean when I talk about energy. Those are two
totally different energetic experiences—two totally
different “energies.”

It can be that simple.


Imagine yourself walking in a deep, deep forest.
There are no roads, just trails made by elves and fairies.
The sunbeams are tainted green by the roof of leaves.
You walk on this living Earth, and it is softness under
your feet. There is a single woodpecker knocking
softly at your heart while you breathe in the scent of
summer . . . .

Now close your eyes and stand still for a second, here in
the forest.

How you be?

The forest has no judgments of you, and no reality to
validate. It is one of the places where Being comes easy.

Now close your eyes again and walk down the main
street of your hometown, or through the office where
you work . . . or up the stairs to your parents’ home.

Is there a difference in how you be?

What is that? What would it be like if your town and
everyone in it, would receive you with no judgment, as
the forest does? Who—and how—could you choose to
be then?

From the book Being You, Changing the World by Dain Heer