Creating Everything

Do you realize that every time you judge something, or get frustrated by something, it is because YOU (yes you) have been there and done that?  And contributed to its existence.

In some version, in some way, at some time.

What if you are actually the creator of everything that shows up in your life?  And what if we together, are the creators of everything showing up in our world?

Yes everything.

Say what?

Come along to Houston and I will tell you more!  And even though this is from a couple years ago, these are tools you can use anytime, any place!

So, my friend. If you created it, would you be willing to uncreate it now?  All of it? No matter how “BIG” it seems to be?

If yes, start running this clearing every time a judgement, a frustration or just a general argh shows up: Everything I created or chose that allows this to exist, I now uncreate and destroy it.   And then POD & POC ALL OF IT.

Dain The Creator of Everything 🙂

PS. What the Bleep is Pod & Poc? If you’re new to the Tour of Consciousness, you may still find the Pod & Poc part a bit odd… If so, maybe re-visit this video where I explain the Clearing Statement?

P.S.S. And for even further exploring, here are six videos about the tools I use every single day:  Also, please visit my Tour of Consciousness page, and you can discover more videos on my YouTube Channel here!