Creating Possibilities & Finally Getting Beyond Problems
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What would it be like to finally get beyond solving problems using a tool that works to create possibilities? Fun, right?!

If you’ve been on this ride with me for a while, you know I am a bit obsessive and OCD. Proudly so! It is a really cool superpower.

Anyhow, it means that when I come across a question that tweaks me, that turns me on, that challenges me — that creates BIG CHANGE, I keep running it.

And running it.

And running it.

On today’s installment of the Tour of Consciousness, I would like you to meet my favorite question (right now). One that actualizes possibilities right outta the gate, even if you don’t THINK so.

Come along to Rome, Italy for a replay of this amazing Tour of Consciousness on possibilities!

And no, I am not putting the question here.

This question comes with some instructions.

Go watch the video, my friend.

It may change…everything for you. It has for me.😬


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