Creating the Possibilities Instead of Solving Problems
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If you’ve been on this ride with me for a while, you know I am a bit obsessive and OCD. Proudly so! It is a really cool superpower.

Anyhow, it means that when I come across a question that tweaks me, that turns me on, that challenges me — that creates BIG CHANGE, I keep running it.

And running it.

And running it.

On today’s installment of the Tour of Consciousness, I would like you to meet my favorite question (right now). One that actualizes possibilities right outta the gate, even if you don’t THINK so.

Come along to Rome, Italy!

And no, I am not putting the question here.

This question comes with some instructions.

Go watch the video, my friend.

It may change…everything for you. It has for me.😬


PS. What the Bleep is Pod & Poc? If you’re new to the Tour of Consciousness, you may still find the Pod & POc part a bit odd… If so, maybe re-visit this video where I explain the Clearing Statement?

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