What If You Don't Have to Fit In or Define Who You Are?
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We’ve been taught from the time we were little to define ourselves, to figure out where we ‘fit in’.

The thing is, definition creates limitation.

It’s our definition of us that leads to our judgment of us. And it’s our definition of us that leads us on a limited path. As strange as this may sound, we are familiar and comfortable with our limitations. So we stay confined and defined to what we’ve feels like ‘us’.

No one has ever taught you the value and the gift of not feeling like you anymore so you can choose to be something else for your future.

If you didn’t have to define you, how much could you enjoy being you? What else could you create?

Imagine for a moment if you had no name, no past and no definitions of who, what, when, where, how and why you were supposed to be? What would you choose? What if, being you, is always a question?

Are you willing to be that undefined? What if that space of being is the key to infinite possibilities? And to creating more joy and happiness?

My friend Blossom Benedict and I had a Being You Book Club Hangout on just that topic…the potency of being undefined. Click below to watch.


What part of you have you not allowed yourself to get acquainted with yet? Are you ready for the adventure of being you and being undefined?

It just may be a lot more fun. 🙂

Just saying,


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