Nobody can be THAT happy!? - Dr. Dain Heer
Remember the last video in my Tour of Consciousness Series? About being willing to know what you actually LOVE? (If you missed it, don’t despair, HERE it is!)

Ok! Here are my questions for you today:  Do you actually maybe possibly love being…happy?

And have you possibly maybe hidden your happy since you’ve continuously been told that it really isn’t possible or real to be as happy as you actually have the capacity to be? Maybe?

I know the feeling! Back to Houston again. Watch the video below!

Ok, my friend: Are you ready to start being happy–and too much?

Whatever that looks like for you?

Please note! It will not look like it does for me. It will look like it does for YOU!

Your expression of being happy is as unique as you be!

I say: GO FOR IT!


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P.P.S. – *If you’ve never heard of the Access clearing statement, go HERE!