EASY Steps To Surviving The Holidays

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but most people live in a weird, weird world during the holidays.

Now that is NOT YOUR WORLD.

Or rather, it doesn’t have to be because YOU HAVE TOOLS. (Hurray!)

In this special installment of the Tour of Consciousness, I’ve created a crash course with some of the tools I use during the holiday season — whatever, whenever and however you’re celebrating!

Your Holiday Tool Checklist!

1. Who does this belong to?
2. Expand out!
3. Connect with three parts of your body…
4. Be willing to give up the rightness.
5. Interesting Point of View
6. Flow energy to fill up the needy people (crazy, huh?)
7. All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease and Joy and Glory.

Yes, I can hear your heads!

“What? That is A LOT OF of tools! How do I use them? Arghh. Arggghh. ARGHHHHH!”

Well, my friend, what if you start by watching the video? 🙂

And yea, I know it is long, and I know you have a lot to do…

My question:

How much more ease, joy, and glory could you add to your holidays, your life, AND THE WORLD if you started to practice these seven tools … today?

If not you, who? If not now, when?
Just saying!

What if you could be that person you would like to be… and BE YOU during the holiday season?! 😉

Happy Holidays,
Who Has A Lot To Say

P.S. For additional tools and further exploring right now…

Six videos about the tools I use every single day: https://drdainheer.com/whatnow/.

And to find out more about different classes that are coming up, please visit here!