Embracing Happiness and Possibilities
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Last year, I was on Rosie Acosta’s amazing podcast discussing tools for creating more happiness and possibilities in each of our lives.  Sometimes when we witness so much intensity, destruction or hatred around us, some of us may find it difficult to keep holding on.  During these tough times, you may even wonder if there is a future for you.

I’m here to tell you….. Yes, there is a future for you.

And a big step to change is choosing yourself.  Join me as I discuss this further and also explore so many other tools….

In today’s episode, I’m grateful that we got to speak of how consciousness and awareness helped me overcome depression and suicide, and also of the value of acknowledging your uniqueness and choosing things that make you feel lighter to create a life you love.

And please know, you are a gift to this planet. And you do have the possibility of creating a beautiful future.  You are a gift to this planet, my friend. And I’m grateful you are on it.

Grateful for you,


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