Energetic Interaction With Your Life & The World
Author   Category Limitless Living

I talk a lot about energy in my classes and I know that for most people it initially seems a bit airy fairy and woo-woo…

Here is the thing… For me, energy is the most pragmatic thing there is!

What if everything you’ve ever wanted to change in your life is about changing the energy of it, the energy of the way it felt, the energy of the way it is showing up?

However, we don’t learn about energy from our parents or in school; at least, not the kind of energy I am talking about.

Would you be willing to acknowledge that this whole energy thing is like learning a whole new language? A language that once you start getting the gist of it may seem eerily familiar… 🙂

Let’s get started!

One of the things that makes Access so different than anything else on the planet is that we don’t only change things cognitively — we actually change the energy of things — and that changes everything.

With energy as your primary language, you can be present with and have an awareness with everything and every energy around you. You are also able to address anything with whatever energy is required to change the situation or create whatever you want to create.

Would you be willing to know that your capacities with energies are unique…and an amazing gift?

Is now the time to start to speak, be, know and receive energy?

Is now the time to start being fully energetically alive? 🙂 😉


P.S. For even further exploring, here are six videos about the tools I use every single day: https://drdainheer.com/whatnow/.