Generosity of Spirit is in us!

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As a young child growing up in the ghetto, I didn’t have many examples of generosity. Life was often the exact opposite.

But even as a little kid, I always wanted to give to people.

When I was 6 years old, I went on a trip to visit relatives in Idaho. One day I went to the store, and using money I had saved up, I bought little tins of lip gloss for each and every relative.

To see the joy that it brought…that for me was where I always wanted to come from and be.

Generosity of spirit is inherent in most of us but we’ve forgotten it.  It’s that natural state of recognizing there’s plenty for all of us.  And the more we give to others, the more that gets created.

What if you could contribute to people in a way that changes their life for the greater and often in unexpected ways?

Generosity is fundamental to being a benevolent capitalist, a movement that’s creating a better world.

You can listen to conversations with myself and others and explore the possibilities of benevolent capitalism in a series of free podcasts available here.

What else is possible now with the generosity of spirit that you BE?! 🙂


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