Get Off Autopilot with These 4 Tools

Do you ever feel like someone else is living your life? Do you live, day after day, trying to do everything that you are “supposed” to do? Are you deciding what is right and wrong, based on the opinions of others, and then doing your best to get it right? Does it feel as if your life is set on autopilot and continues to run without you in it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone!

Living life on autopilot is something many of us know very well. What if something else were possible? What if you could actually choose what works for you, regardless of what others have decided and despite the beliefs that you have picked up along the way? What if you could step out of a life of autopilot and enter into the life that you would truly like to live? Here are four tools that can help you detour of the autopilot route and onto the path that requires YOU to be you and live a life unhindered:

1. Recognize Where Your Beliefs About Life Came From

A first step in stopping autopilot is to recognize that many of the beliefs you have, originated with your parents, and may not actually be true for you. For example, your parents may have taught you that you have to work hard for money. Without ever questioning their point of view, you take it on as your own, and in your life you find yourself working very hard for any money you make. Recognizing that the autopilot you are living, comes from points of view that may not even be yours, is the beginning of a new possibility.

2. Interesting Point of View

When you recognize these points of view, you can say “Interesting point of view. I have that point of view.” When you repeat this several times, what happens is that rather than holding on to a particular point of view, and concluding that it is real and true, it becomes nothing more than interesting. Use this for every point of view you have and see how quickly you move from autopilot to choice.

3. Ask Yourself, “Are these Feelings Mine?

The next time you find yourself feeling sad, angry or depressed, ask this question, “Whom does this belong to?” When you ask this question, if you feel lighter at all, these feelings are not yours. You, being the psychic radio that you are, are picking up on the thoughts and feelings around you.

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