Getting Over The Yuck

What if the thing that makes us more normal, average, and real than anything else is having YUCK in our life?

In this reality, it is considered perfectly normal to have problems and issues and be a bit …cranky.  I am not disagreeing. That is the way it has been for a long time. That is the status qou.

My question is, what would change in the world if the new normal was to be happy, carefree, and in total flow?

Go here for the latest installment of the Tour of Consciousness about how to say goodbye to the YUCK.

Are you willing to inspire a world where happy and ease are the new normal?

Are you ready to be that different? 🙂



PS. I just made audio for the YOU GOT THIS App on this very topic.  Thirty minutes of facilitation to truly finally Getting Over The Yuck.  If now is the time for ease, joy and glory, go here to check it out! 

P.S.S. For more videos and tools, please visit my Tour of Consciousness page.  And also, you can discover even more videos on my YouTube Channel here.