Gratitude & Global Access Bars Day 2022
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One of my favorite ways to relax and access the space of me, is by receiving an Access Bars session….

As you may remember, this modality is actually what saved my life and completely shifted the way I was engaging with and creating my life! Research has shown us that one session of the Access Bars can decrease anxiety and/or depression by 86%!

I’m so thrilled to invite you to the replay of the 9th annual Global Access Bars Day!

Please join us for this beautiful day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy…

There’s so much inside these 10 hours of content from live interviews to beautiful videos, as well as photos from around the world and even the live premiere of my new TV series with Ickonic TV – ‘Is Now the Time?’  I am so thrilled to have you here to watch the replay of this 9th annual Global Access Bars Day and to celebrate Access Bars®, a gentle touch point treatment that has created change for millions of people.

And I have to say it one more time…. I am so very grateful for you!  Thank you for being here!


P.S. For the full Global Access Bars Day webpage, please visit here.

P.S.S. For additional tools and further exploring right now…

Six videos about the tools I use every single day:

And to find out more about different classes that are coming up, please visit here.