Going Beyond Need & Into Intimacy

What if every day you woke up as if it was your first day here on this planet? Explore the '15 BILLION' undefined monthly adventure with Dr. Dain >>

In this reality, relationship is one of those places where we seem to choose a lot of insanity! Have you noticed? 😉

By working with people over the last 17 years all around the planet, I’ve recognized that one of the missing elements in ALL of our creations, not only in relationships, is a level of intimacy with ourselves.

I’d love to get this training out into the world and for you to join me in going beyond the insane choices and points of view and into more creation on every level!

If you’re curious and would like to come and play, just go HERE! 

What if you didn’t have to focus on how wrong you are anymore? What if you didn’t have to fix anything or try to figure out what to improve to have a better relationship? What if the change comes from recognizing how brilliant you already are?! 

Until next time,