Having Peace With Death
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The topic of death is one that is often avoided, or it’s weighted down with so many points of view and emotions.

Today, I’m changing things up a little bit.

I’m going to be sharing with you a different conversation and exploration that I had, based on a friend sending me a list of questions that she was curious about regarding death.

If you did not fear or avoid death, how much more peace would you have in your life?

How much joy would you have?

How much would you truly enjoy living right now?

Let’s dive in!


I look forward to hearing what you get from this unique conversation.

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  • Interesting point of view I have this point of view. It can help us in any difficult situation. Say it, and notice how the energy changes.
  • What’s true for you will always make you lighter. A lie for you always makes you heavier.
  • How to make death less traumatic, realize it’s not really a death of the being; it’s the body going away, and the being then has CHOICE.
  • Be with whatever comes up. Don’t avoid any part of it. Give yourself a timeframe to fully experience it. Then pick yourself up and start living again.
  • Say everything that you wanted to say and didn’t get a chance to say to the person before they died.
  • Celebrate and have gratitude for the gift that the person was when they were alive. Remember the beautiful moments with them. Remember the contribution they were to you and others and think of them fondly and often.

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