The Holiday Edition 2014 Tour of Consciousness Dr Dain Heer
Author   Category Limitless Living

Ok, it is nearly 2015! The bells may already be ringing in some part of the world…

Here is the thing; I don’t have any suggested New Years resolutions for you. In fact, I would say any resolution so easily becomes the start of a new cycle of judgment of…you.

Instead, let me ask you three questions: 

1. Is now the time to be fully ALIVE?
2. Up till now, how much energy have you been using to keep the back-doors to your life open?
3. What if this is the year you’re willing to commit to your life — in totality?

Is this of interest to you? Then come along to Houston, Texas and find out some more:

Your tool for today: Ask how much energy am I using to keep the ‘back door’ open rather than commit to me and my life?

Thank you for being on the planet!

Happy 2015! (Yes, HAPPY!)

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