How Do You Know What Is True?

At this moment, the world is buzzing with theories on how the corona epidemic started. Who, how, where, why, when… It is a field day for conspiracy theorists!

And as seekers, we tend to search high and low for something that resonates with us. Something that makes us lighter. Right now, that can be VERY tricky!

How do we know what is true? How do you know what is true for YOU?

Come along to Texas, and let me give you a tool that can assist.

You know, my friend. You always do.

Warm regards,

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P.S.S. Are you stuck at home? Or just desiring to create some possibilities during this “corona quarantine”?

I wanted to create a way for us to get together for 14 days and use what’s currently going on in the world as inspiration rather than destruction. As I mentioned in the video, we completed these 14 days recently and it was phenomenal. And you can still join in here!