How Much Fun Can You Have In Times Of Change?

Hi my beautiful friends!

We are entering into a time when we might have more time “at home” than we usually do! And, I wanted to quickly share a fun “Top 10 List” of videos from my Tour of Consciousness free video series that might contribute to you or someone you know right now!

1. The First Tool I Would Give To An Alien


2. What’s Right About This?


3. Creating Possibilities Instead of Solving Problems


4. 10 Times in The Morning


5. Find A Tree


6. 5 Steps to Easy Creation


7. All Those Darn Feelings


8. Chaos as the Source of Creation


9. When Your Awareness Exceeds Your Level of Allowance


10. For When You Lose You

To browse through all Tour Of Consciousness Videos, just go here!

And ASK, “What video would contribute the most to me today?”

How much fun can you have in times of change?