How To Find Hope When the World Feels Bleak

I had the pleasure and honor of speaking with Rodney Janz of Fuel Radio recently about finding hope when the world feels bleak…

There are so many tools that you can use to create a sense of hope; and ultimately, change the trajectory of your life and living. 🙂  Join me as I discuss this further on his radio show…

Remember, what’s true for you makes you feel lighter. And a lie makes you feel heavier.  It’s important to recognize that, and to recognize what is true for each of us will make us feel lighter! So what if we each start to actively seek out those things that make us feel lighter and happier? What would be created by that?

Choosing what is light for us is a way we can take care of ourselves and begin to create more hope.

Then as we have more hope, we also know that possibility and hope is out there, and so much can change!  If we choose to be that energy of hope and to be the difference of us, it will permeate others’ worlds.  Your difference is your gift.

I see you. You have value.  And you are not alone.  No matter what has gone on for you, I see the value of you. And I’m here for you with these tools! What else is possible now for your life and living?!

You got this.  And I know you have the capacity to change this… whatever you’re going through.

So… what else IS POSSIBLE that you’ve never considered?  And what ARE we each capable of that we’ve never even considered?!

Grateful for you,

P.S. For additional tools and further exploring right now…

Six videos about the tools I use every single day:

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