How To Stop Losing You in a Relationship

Have you ever felt like you lost you when you entered into a relationship with someone? This is often how relationships ‘work’ in this reality….and it’s the biggest substitute for intimacy and what people misidentify as oneness.

Listen to the soundclip below for more on relationships in this reality explained…

And what if when a relationship isn’t working for you or the other person, you could be aware of that? And choose something different?

What if it what seems like heartbreak or loss was the beginning of new possibilities and something greater?

If you find yourself going to that impossible place after a relationship ends, start by asking the question “What else is possible now that wasn’t possible when we were together?”

Here are some more tips from getting over break-ups from myself and several others in SheKnows Online Magazine.

What if you could always choose something greater?

Until next time beautifuls!


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