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What if every creation, every innovation, every moment of ingenuity and every bright and brilliant idea you have ever had, or will have, begins with a question?

I’d like to invite you to start asking a very different set of questions today, questions which are tailored to take you closer to the space of being you — which is the most amazing thing you can be.

This means becoming more aware of who you truly are beyond all judgments and expectations; and then living — and creating — your life from the space of YOU, with gratitude, joy, and ease.

When you ask, instead of expecting answers, aim to evoke awareness — and don’t predict how, when or where that awareness will come to you. It might be straight away; it might be later down the line. But it will come — if you trust that it will. Simply ask, trust, and let go.

So if you’d like to begin exploring a new and different way of asking questions – questions that take you closer to that place of more awareness and more of your being, here are a few you can start with:

Question #1: Is this heavy or light for me?

Question #2: Who does this belong to? 

Question #3: If I were truly being me, what would I choose?

Question #4: What’s right about me that I’m not getting?

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