What’s Your Story With Money?
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Do you believe that money is the source of the life you desire, that nobody has access to? What is your story with money?

Most people live a lackluster life trying not to desire things because of the point of view, “Well, I probably won’t get it anyway.”  Wealth creation can be something entirely different… if you are willing to let go of your current point of view about money, and do something different.

I had the pleasure of talking with Simone Milasas on her Choice, Change, & Action Podcast about money and changing your perspective with money.  Join us as we discuss this further in more depth!

It doesn’t have to be hard and a drudgery to change your money situation.

Just one sentence can change your perspective and start the ball rolling for more.

It’s about your creative demand and desire, your enthusiasm, and your excitement.  It is a place where you start to create a life where you are going for everything you desire, and more!

Some of the things we discuss further in this episode as keys for success…

– Money Is Not The Source, You Are
– What Is It You Truly Desire?
– Creating A Different Reality With Money
– Receiving
– The Willingness To Lose Money
– Changing Your Point of View Around Money
– What Is Your Money Story?


And Daily Questions You Can Ask To Create More:

– “What do I truly desire?”
– “If I could have anything, what would it be?”
– “All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory”
– “If money weren’t the issue, what would I choose?”
– “What can I choose today? What can I change today? What action can I take today?”

What else is possible as you implement these tools and questions into your life and living? And what else is possible now, my friends?!


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