What The Bleep Is An Infinite Being?

What the BLEEP is an “Infinite Being”? And, why does it even matter?

In the classes I facilitate we often ask people to acknowledge that they are an infinite being…but what does that actually mean for your life?

Infinite means…..everything! The whole universe!

I know, it’s not a concept that we can actually totally comprehend, but the willingness to engage with this possibility can contribute so much.

So, how do we use it? Watch the video below, to begin to dive in! 

Some More Information To Get You Going!
Acknowledging that you are, indeed, an infinite being will start to expose the places where you are limiting your choices and what you can create in your life.

An infinite being:

– wouldn’t come to conclusion

– wouldn’t limit the possibilities available

– wouldn’t be limited to just the size of your body

– has the ability to be in communion with every molecule of the universe

What if oneness could be a living, waking, breathing experience of the world?

If we’re going to be the infinite beings we truly are, it opens the door for us to live beyond the necessity of judgment, of right and wrong, beyond the necessity of need or separation.

Functioning more and more as an infinite being gives us access to a space of being alive that includes miraculousness.  In this space we don’t exclude possibilities based on our conclusions and points of view.

How does that sound?

Here’s a great question you can start to play with right away in any situation where you’re wondering what else could be possible:

“Would an infinite being choose this?”

If the answer is “no”, then you’ve exposed a place where you’re choosing based on a conclusion or point of view – how cool is that?!

This journey of consciousness is non-stop! Keep exploring and keep playing!

Hope you enjoyed this food for thought….or rather, food for possibilities video. 😉

P.S. Did you hear some weird words in this video? That’s the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement!  You can learn all about it here: https://www.theclearingstatement.com