Inspiration for a Different Possibility
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What does business look like to you?

For Simone, it was a briefcase her father had, that turned out to contain just his lunch and the newspaper…. Everything is never what it seems…

Join Simone and I as we strip away how we think business should be different from what we see in the world, to explore what we discovered during the 20 years of working together with growing a global business.

In this episode you get to explore:
– Connecting with what is light and true for you.
– Money follows joy, not the other way around.
– How the right point of view could be killing your business.
– If you were truly creating your life from the joy of it what would you choose?

And so much more!!!

Grateful for you! And I wonder what else is possible now?!


Resources mentioned in this podcast:
– Joy Of Business:
– The Clearing Statement:
– The Possibility Explorer Podcast:

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