Interesting Point of View in Action
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This time I am taking you to dinner in Paris! If you want to get into the mood, light some candles, pour a glass of good red wine and cut up some yummy pieces of smelly cheese!

The flavors of the City of Love! At least in one sense….

There is also another kind of flavor cities have: an energetic one. Every city in the world has a unique energetic vibration that you become aware of as soon as you come within it’s gates.

And that flavor is sneaky! It it so at home, so familiar to everyone around you, that it infuses itself into your system and if you’re not vigilant, you will very quickly start to align and agree, or resist and react to it.

I have three steps of advice for you if you would like to still be you, wherever you go!

1. Acknowledge that you are VERY VERY aware and that it often becomes acute in a new place.
2. Ask ‘Who Does this Belong To? for every thought, feeling and emotion that comes up! (For more info on this tool, go HERE!)
3. Take yourself into allowance of whatever comes your way by using the tool: Interesting Point of View I have this Point of View.

I explain this tool in the video. Click below to watch.

I hope it will assist!

My sense of flavors is quite….developed…so I personally find it very helpful. If your sense of flavors is similar, you’re gonna love this tool.