Is it yours? - Dr. Dain Heer
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Is everything in your head actually yours?

I know it can sound a bit weird…but if you really want to have peace and ease in your life, you have to start acknowledging how much of what you are aware of isn’t yours.

What do I mean by that?

What if, when you wake up feeling cranky, you asked “Is this mine?” 

What if, before you decide you are sick or tired…you asked, “Is this mine? Or something I’m aware of?”

And what if you started acknowledging how much you are aware of other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body stuff? You can ask, “If I wasn’t the one thinking or feeling this, what would I be aware of?”

Here’s a bit of “homeplay” that I gave out on the Finding the Greatness of You telecall series that I hope will assist you with this tool.

Enjoy finding out how great (and happy) you truly are!