It Never Shows Up The Way We Think It Will
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When I started to do Access, I realized that change NEVER EVER SHOWS UP THE WAY WE THINK IT WILL.


That is true for teeny-weeny change and BIG BRAVE BOLD CHANGE.

Right now, in the world, this is becoming very apparent!

We’ve asked for change. We’ve asked for the lies to be revealed. We asked for a different reality. And it is happening right now. Just not in any of the ways we could ever imagine.

Come along with me for World Happiness Day as I explore this even more!

How does it get any better than this? The universe listened — consciousness works.

Here is my question to you: What is your ask now? What is your bigger ask? And are you willing to ask for it EVEN if if you don’t know how it will show up?

How much chaos are you willing to have to create a sustainable future?


PS. Would you like to know more about how chaos and happiness goes hand in hand? Go here to watch the FB Live I did on World Happiness Day.