From Judgment to Joy: How To Live Your Truth

If you want your life to truly work – access more of what’s actually true for you and it will work.

Say what?! 

One thing that I’ve experienced a lot in my life is how nice it is to be with people that have a space of no judgment with each other.

Do you have anyone in your life that’s like that?

What if you aren’t weird or insane for desiring more of that in the world?
And what if we actually have the capacity and ability and power and the tools to create it?

The secret of going from judgment to joy is to no longer make judgment valuable.

What if we could allow ourselves to have a world that includes the best of us… the greatness of us?
A world in which I get to be everything I truly desire to be and you do, too.
A world in which there is no longer judgment required.
A world where our kindness and our greatness thrives.
A world where we thrive within it and contribute to and receive from it.

A world beyond separation, beyond judgment, and beyond where the most limited point of view has the most value.

Can you imagine the possibility of us creating that as our future?

Will you allow everything you know, perceive, receive, and be to show up even if it makes you the weirdest person on the planet?

Watch the video below to see what I mean! 

When the space of your being gets the invitation to be present and play… it’s the most practical and pragmatic thing that is.

To get out of judgment start asking questions.

Start asking for more possibilities.
Ask for what you truly desire to show up.
Create a no judgment zone for yourself.
Celebrate and acknowledge YOU.
Allow your kindness to include yourself.

Would you consider trying it?

And maybe even extending the zone of no judgment for yourself until tomorrow?

And keep extending it as you continue to ask questions and play in the freedom of that space. 😉

What if judgment isn’t required?

Play with it? Ask for more of it?


P.S. – The International Being You Day is coming up on 22 June 2024!  Learn more about the day, and about creating a Judgment-Free Zone for Yourself at