What Future Are You Choosing For?

When you see the political and financial reality of this world, do you get inspired and invited to create more?
Or, do you give up hope? 

Do you just want to lie in bed and close your eyes and hope you wake up in a different, brighter world?

What if the world you dream of… Is not an impossibility? 

What if it’s possible… If YOU choose it? 

Even those things you think you have no control or influence over, like the political and financial future of the world?

If you haven’t noticed, the people that are “insane” enough to dream big…are the ones that actually create what they dream about.  Those that don’t, don’t.

Lately, the people who think they’re “in charge” have been creating the lie that our only choice is to become more separate, more alone, less wealthy, more afraid, and that we can’t create something greater, only worse lies ahead.

But, guess what?


You see, I’ve had the gift of working with hundreds of thousands of people around the world and I’ve seen what’s possible when people step into the potency of knowing change is possible if they are willing to choose it.

I wake up daily with the awareness that I am part of a different, greater future.  

And, so are you.  

I know that as we each let our unique spark shine, the world changes for the greater.  Not in an airy-fairy, “I wish this would change” sorta way, but in a “I’m here and I KNOW we are changing things” kinda way.

And that, my beautiful friend, is AWESOME!

But it takes YOU, empowered with choice, to wake up with a fire in your belly to create the future you always dreamed of.

It takes US.

What if we (together!) are fully capable of creating the brighter, greater future we all hope for?

What part are you playing that you haven’t yet acknowledged?

What can you choose today?

Here’s to us, my friends.


PS. If you are ready to make your impossible dreams possible, you are invited to join me for a special class in Washington, DC about just that.

What would your future (and the future of the world!) be if you chose it? Just ask!