Your Keys to Conscious Touch
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What if by being you and imparting a touch you can change someone’s reality?

And what if your touch is not just what you do with your hands, but also how you be in the world?

When I first started working with bodies as a chiropractor, I had no clue the degree to which I could create a result in someone’s life and body.  Somewhere deep down, I knew that more was possible than what I was seeing show up.

Now as I travel the world and have the honor of working with literally thousands of different people and their bodies, I am aware of the capacity in us all to communicate with bodies and create changes that to some may look like miracles.

I often get asked just what it is that I ‘do’ with bodies when I work with people. In a recent class I facilitated in Houston called The Body Whisperer, I was asked about what’s possible by allowing the ‘being’ and the ‘body’ to connect. You can listen to the audio clip here.


You can be the gift that reminds someone how beautiful it is to be alive in the world.

And what else may be possible my beautiful friends?

Until next time :-),


If you’d like to watch the replay of the Body Whisperer Class or download the audio, you can click here.