Know What You Know
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I would like to share with you how the Access Bars and the tools from Access Consciousness totally changed my life. This was a live interview I recorded during the 10th Annual Global Access Bars Day 2022 with Emily Evans Russell.

Join me and Emily for this lively discussion about how these tools change everything.  I loved this conversation SO MUCH!

The Access Bars changes the space from which you live your life.

Your point of view creates your reality, your reality doesn’t create your point of view. When we keep thinking that life is happening to us, we don’t realize that we are manufacturing it by what we think, what we say, and also what we do.

You are a sleeping giant! There is so much more available in you, as you, and to you than you ever imagined possible. What if we started choosing towards that space of possibilities of YOU?! What would be possible then? 😉

Grateful for you and the gift you are to the world,


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