Let's Play With the Earth
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Let’s Play With the Earth!

What if you of could start or end your day with a 30-minute recording of playing with the Earth?

Join me for an energetic earth exploration with an Energetic Synthesis of Communion (aka an ESC). These 30 minutes allows you to start perceiving the beautiful energy underneath and within everything…

Have you noticed that we’re living on a truly beautiful planet? Beauty is all around us if we will allow ourselves to be present enough to perceive and receive it. We tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives; and yet one of the greatest sources of connection with the earth is relaxation.

Dear Earth, what can we open up to being now?

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1. Do one thing a day to PLAY!! Do not make that your entire day though, that would create a joyous earth that would be overwhelming to everyone. 😉

2. Right now, write a time on your calendar for you to do an EARTH WALK in the next week or so. An Earth Walk consists of you going somewhere and taking an hour to walk 50 feet. Observe everything you around you as you move.

What else is possible now, my friends?!


And For Additional Resources….

~ A Meditation Walk with the Earth Described By Gary Douglas from Access Consciousness: https://youtu.be/cpZNDdvLq7k

~ What is an ESC?
Go here to explore more: https://drdainheer.com/esc/

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