Living Your Greatness

I had the great pleasure of being on Amrit’s Inspired Evolution Podcast again recently! We got to take a deep dive into a conversation about judgement vs. intuition, the tightrope between ego and humility on our path of greatness, how to get rid of perfectionism, and so much more!

What if we could begin to access our conscious awareness? And choose to create and live a life of greatness?  Join Amrit and I as we discuss this further here…

Change is not always easy. But if you believe you are afraid of doing something and keep doing everything the same, no magic can show up because no magic can get in. When you take action from a place of presence, excitement, joy, and kindness, you can create so much bigger. And being present contributes to seeing so many other possibilities and choices available!

We each have the capacity for change.  And we have the capacity and massive ability to create a better future for ourselves and everyone. It’s truly beautiful. What would the world be like if we chose more towards that?


P.S. And for further exploring right now…

Six videos about the tools I use every single day: