Magic Of Being
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Consider this your slightly informal but warm invitation to The Magic of Being… My new, year-long program starting March 2022!

Every month we will get together to dive deeper into the magic of being…. once for a live ESB session, and then again for a free-form exploration of life, living, the Earth, and everything!

The name for this year’s group, popped instantly, and I wonder what The Magic of Being can create and actualize for you, and our world?

Now is finally the space.
Now is the space for us to BE the magic that we are.
To be what we are that’s beyond reality.

I’m so looking forward to beginning the adventure with YOU.

I will do my best to contribute everything I can: every energy I know that is available and every contribution that I can be.  As well as every invitation to you connecting to the other sources of contribution in the world to actually make this happen.

What if you truly being you, with the ease and joy of the magic of being that you already are, and knowing it, are the gift, the change and the possibility this world requires?

You are.

Grateful for you,


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