Money and Life

Most of us are told that if we focus on money, we will get money….

But when you make your life about money, it stops being about the gift of living and the joy of thriving – it becomes all about surviving.

What if, instead, when you focus on the rest of your life, you’ll start receiving money?

Join me on this adventure and class as I discuss this further here!

What if money is the byproduct of creating the life you were meant to live?

What if you – body, being, and soul – are the valuable product?

Just saying!

We will explore how to create money by creating your life without losing your soul in this special three day class!

Is now the space?

For you?

➜ If yes, go here to join the adventure!

Warmest regards and much gratitude for you,

Dain Heer

P.S. Plus there is more!

I also facilitated an intro class called Being You, Creating Money With Ease. You can find out more about that class here!

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