My Conversation About Living Like A Gentleman
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What if a few weird words could totally change your life?

In March, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley. In this podcast interview, I spoke about my book “Return of the Gentleman”, and what it means to be a gentleman. We discussed some of the key things a man in the world today needs to pay attention to, tried-and-true tips to be successful in the modern dating scene (or any type of relationship), and how to release judgement of ourselves and others. In addition, the conversation veered to the clearing statement and how it can be used in so many areas of one’s life.

As Vishen stated, “From the true role of a male in today’s society, to the single most powerful method to clearing past limiting beliefs and empowering a positive future, this unique episode is unlike any other you’ll come across. Dain breaks down the single, magical statement which has the power to heal and dynamically change a belief system that we’ve taken on in childhood.  When you’re willing to destroy and uncreate and let go of something that is limiting you, it instantly opens up the space for something less limited or even unlimited to show up.”


In this episode you’ll discover:

The true definition of a gentleman
How to escape male and female stereotypes
What a SNAG is and how to avoid being one
Dating tips on how to remain authentic and true to ourselves, while having a great time in the process
The 5 questions a man should ask himself before going to bed with someone (you need to hear this!)
How to be an alpha male without being an asshole
Why we want to be in a ‘divorceless’ relationship
How to spot a gentleman in the workplace
The truth about men competing with one another for a woman
POC and POD – what they stand for and how they have the power to transform any situation
Simple exercises to release judgement of ourselves and others
Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

Ready to learn how a single powerful statement can change almost anything that is keeping you stuck, limited or tied up in knots? For the full episode, please visit here!

Dain Heer

P.S. For even more tools and tips, please check out my new book called Return of the Gentleman! It’s a start of a different possibility that we as men – and as women – can choose if we are willing to give up the stereotypes of men, and go beyond the points of views of this reality. Go here to find out more! 🙂

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