When need doesn't rule the day
Author   Category Limitless Living

I know most of you are acutely aware of the needs of every single person around you. Way more aware than you may even want to know…

Sometimes that is not easy — cause you my friend, also CARE about people way more than you want to know.

The things is, however long and hard we try, fulfilling needs is a very tricky mission. Most of them are like an enigma, rapped in a riddle, surrounded by a catch 22.

Why? Well, what if NEEDS ARE NOT REAL? What if they’re a creation?

Let’s explore that possibility for a moment! Come along for a drive in my golf-cart in Costa Rica:

Your tool for today is to ask: What need have I made more real than my capacity to create?

This is an invitation to a different reality, one where need doesn’t rule the day, but possibility does!

And yes, when needs stop defining your reality, it can feel a bit empty, nearly meaningless.

That my friend is actually SPACE; the very space from which you can create the life and living you truly desire!

Welcome to YOU!

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