What if nothing happens "to you"?
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Have you ever wondered what it would take to create the life, living, and future you’d truly like to have? Is now the time?

What if nothing happens “to you”? What if you’re the one creating your future? Right now and continuously?

What if you are that…potent?

Now, did you want to stop reading this right then and there? Well, you’re not alone! Just mentioning this notion seem to get people to check out! They get an urgent need to check their texts, sleep or make a list of what they should buy for dinner.

What if you were to acknowledge that you truly are that potent? Do you have any idea what you could create as your future then?

Here is a tool about that from a beautiful beach in Oz!

The Tool!
Ask: What one molecule in the future can I turn the polarity of, that will actually change this situation today and in the future?

If we were to acknowledge that we’re all actually that potent…what kind of world could we create?

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