Nothing To Defend
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This past week I’ve had the honor exploring in depth something I’ve been aiming for my whole life…

Being me with no defenses. No barriers.

No need to explain or justify ANYTHING, while receiving everything.

And what is showing up is the space of awareness, of choice and possibilities. This space of not defending is so much greater and bigger than the one I used to guard so carefully and define as….me.

Please know, that doesn’t at all mean that I am a door-mat now, and people are walking all over me.  Actually, in this space, it is virtually impossible to be stepped on.

I know that may not make sense in this reality…

So join me as I discuss this further…

Would you be willing to lower your barriers for a couple of minutes, and try out this tool?

What if you ask:

What am I defending at all costs, that if I stopped defending it, would give me all of me?

What else is possible now?!

My warmest regards,

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