Noticing Magic
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I had the pleasure of speaking with Marci recently on her show “Wake Up With Marci”, where we talked about the practical magic you can have in your life every day!  What if you could use energy and energetic tools to bring the spark back into your life?

So what is energy?

It is something we all have access to…

And do you know how to tap into it and use it to create anything your life?

In this interview, we talked about:

• How to notice energy

• The difference between choosing light & heavy energies

• Successful people that use energy

• And how to use energy to get your life to show up with way more ease and magic!

Do not watch! May create joy. 😉 😉

So what if you could play with these tools and create more practical magic in your life and living? What would be possible then?! What if you start following the energy and allowing your life to become practical magic?


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